I'm Dorota – I'm a brush and palette knife artist painting with oils. I enjoy working with visible brush strokes, and thick, sculpted layers when using knives to give paintings tactile character. The kind of textures and colours that make you want to get super close to it…to inspect it and to touch it.

.I love painting evocative landscapes.

capturing moments and places that surround me. I grew up in rural Poland and now live in Sussex, England. My paintings represent the unique beauty of the two places. 

I believe spending time in nature is one of best ways to improve our mental wellbeing, to escape to when we need some space or to come to a decision, or simply to enjoy your free time and keep fit.

Growing up so close to nature, with family walks as one of my favourite ways to spend time, painting the places I visit enables me to capture and share its memories with you. I hope that As my art brings nature into your home, it'll encourage you to spend more time outdoors and create your own memories.


I'm a self-taught artist, having painted in oils since I was 11 years old. However, for many years education and work within design and innovation took priority over my art, and I'd create only occasionally on commission. Being so creative in my job meant I didn't quite notice how much I missed painting... I'd say I'll paint more once I got my degree.. once I acomplished something ... and years passed.

But, no longer wanting to delay this artistic part of my creativity, I'm dedicating 2020 and beyond to painting self-initiated projects. I look forward to exploring and translating the beautiful landscapes of England and Poland onto canvases!

  • Rapeseed Fields

.bring more nature into your home.


Learn more about my process and the stories behind my paintings.